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Wire Rope Abuse

Because of loose winding on drum, rope was pulled in between underlying wraps and crushed out of shape.

Too sudden load release
The sudden release of a load cause bird-caging. Here individual strands open away from each other, displacing the core.

Lack of lubrication
Premature breakage of wires resulted from “locking” of strands, which was caused by insufficient lubrication.

Infrequent inspection
Neglect of periodical inspection left this rope in service too long, resulting in considerable abrasion.

Improper handling
Kink or “dog leg” was caused by improper handling or installation. A kink causes excessive localized or spot abrasion.

Reverse bending
Running this rope over one sheave and under another caused fatigue breaks in wires.

Excessive exposure to elements
Too much exposure combined with surface wear and loss of lubrication caused corrosion and pitting.

Too long in service
Repeated winding and over-winding of this rope on a drum while it was under heavy stress caused the unusually severe wear shown.

Undersize sheave grooves
Sheaves were too small, causing strands to pinch. Wires then fail in the valley between the strands.

Poor work procedures
Damage to strands and wires resulted from electric arcing.

Lack of knowledge
Here is what occurs when a loop which has been “pulled through” and lightened remains in service.

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