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Tugger Winch

Tugger winch from our company has reasonable design, compact structure, reliable quality, stable performance and factory price. Electric tugger winch is widely used for lifting, pulling or dragging material in factory, warehouse, industrial site, plant, workshop. Tugger winch function makes it popular in industrial market.

Our company, a professional winch manufacturer in China, provides types of winches for sale, such as slow speed winch, fast speed winch, light duty electric winch, heavy duty hydraulic winch, free fall piling winch, constant tension winch. These winches are designed and produced according to practical needs and national standards. For any question about industrial winch, just send email to

Reliable Tugger Winch For Sale
Reliable Tugger Winch For Sale

Tugger Winch

Load capacity: 1 ton – 200 ton

Drum capacity: 100m- 2000m

Speed: 5m/min – 15 m/min

No. of drum: double

Drive type: electric, hydraulic or diesel

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Details about electric winch price

Our company has customized service to ensure that every customer can get suitable winch with reasonable cost. We have our own factory. There is no middlemen between customers and us. It can help customers save much extra cost.

As a strong winch supplier, we have experienced engineers and team. They can design suitable winch for customers and solve kinds of problems in time.

Never hesitate to choose our winches! We can provide u reliable winches with affordable price.

What should I pay attention to when using the winch?

1. The new installation or installation after disassemble and inspection of the winch, the first should be no-load test several times. But before the completion of installation, do not try to turn on the power.

2. The motor should have a separate operating switch, and add overload and torque protection device, the metal shell should be reliable grounding, to ensure safety.

3. In the winch operation, if there is abnormal sound, brake failure, reducer bearing temperature rise is too high, should stop to check, troubleshooting.

4. The winch in use, do not allow in the environment, and more than the rated load and rated closing times per hour (120 times).

5.Installation, commissioning and maintenance, check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable, the winch load test is based on the rated load weight, repeated lifting and left and right movement test, check whether some of its mechanical transmission is normal and reliable.

6.When operating, the operator should focus on, see the signal, follow the command. The operator is not allowed to leave his post while the winch is in operation. When lifting heavy objects, the operation should be gentle and smooth, not rapidly up or down, try to avoid emergency air braking.

towing winch for sale
Hydraulic Tugger Winch

Tugger Winch

Load capacity: 1 ton – 200 ton

Drum capacity: 100m- 2000m

Speed: 5m/min – 15 m/min

No. of drum: double

Drive type: electric, hydraulic or diesel

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Protective measures for tugger winch motor

In order to protect the motor during the operation of the winch, the driver’s room is equipped with a switchboard (protection panel), including the main switch, main contactor, over-current relay, fuse, indicator light, button and other protective appliances.

On an insulated bottom plate, the back of the bottom plate is fitted with the bow of all the circuits. The two-phase of each winch motor is protected by an over-current relay. All motors are protected by a third phase of a common over-current relay.

Overcurrent relay, limit switch, emergency switch and other contacts are connected to the main contactor in the circuit attracting the wire cluster. The coil circuit used to make and break the ac contactor is switched on only after all the controllers have been switched to zero.

When operating, push the main blade first. Then press the button of the main contactor and the indicator light will light up to indicate that the main power supply has been connected. For failure, stop use or cut off the power supply.

What should do for brake electromagnet faults?

When the winch brake electromagnet breaks down, the following parts should be checked to find out the reason and then take corresponding measures to solve the problem:

1.Whether the end is installed very tight.

2.Whether armature is stuck.

3.Whether brake system gets stuck.

4.Whether the voltage is reduced to less than 90% of the rated voltage.

5.Check the current in the coil. If the current value in the coil is greater than that in the adjacent coil, the coil is faulty.

6.Check that the electromagnet bolts are tightly connected. Pay special attention to the bolts fixed to the cover. If the bolts are loose, they will make the magnet hum. Pay attention to the studs holding the coils in place.

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