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Transfer Cart

Transfer cart has high working efficiency in factory, warehouse, material handling yard. Our company provides top quality transfer carts, such as die transfer cart, material transfer trolley, rail transfer cart, light duty transfer cart, heavy duty transfer cart.

Wide Use Coil Transfer Cart

Coil Transfer Cart

Coil transfer cart has strong applicability, flexibility, simple maintenance, convenient use, low price and other advantages. It can across the ...
Industrial Motorized Transfer Trolley

Industrial Transfer Trolley

Industrial transfer trolley has steel frame. It is strong, wear-resisting and long-life. With power loading capacity, simple structure, flexible move, ...
Heavy Load Motorized Transfer Trolley

Motorized Transfer Trolley

Motorized transfer trolley is powerful and flexible. It is mainly used for transporting material in factory, warehouse, yard, construction site ...
Factory Battery Transfer Cart

Battery Transfer Cart

Battery transfer cart is a kind of portable device with multiple functions. It is widely used for transporting material in ...
Powerful Rail Transfer Cart

Rail Transfer Cart

Rail transfer cart is a flexible and functional device. With easy use, compact structure, high working efficiency, large loading capacity, ...
Powered Material Transfer Trolley

Material Transfer Trolley

Material transfer trolley is a flexible and durable lifting device. It has strong adaptation and large loading capacity. This kind ...
Electric Flat Transfer Cart Pakistan

Electric Flat Transfer Cart

Electric flat transfer cart is one kind of material handling equipment for transporting heavy duty cargo. The railway running flat ...

You never know how convenient it is until you get one cable powered electric transfer cart! Cable is collected and released by coiling device mounted underneath the car. The electric transfer cart can realize full automatic operation by PLC system. The electric transfer cart can be applied in the environment such as severe environment,high temperature, anti-explosive etc. Simple structure and low cost make it popular for workshop transportation. The electric transfer cart can be applied in the occasion with any loading capacity and high using frequency.

Electric transfer cart can be used in many places, such as mould field, car field, steel, iron, heavy industry, light industry, chemical, mine, ship, project, spaceflight, coal, nuclear energy, hydraulic engineering,etc.

Powered transfer trolley can transfer various material, such as coil items, pump, transformer, shaft, drum, steel ladle, steel structure, steel pipe, mould, beam, container, heavy cart, heavy machinery, Aluminum product, compressor, motor, coil, scrap, pallet and others.

Due to its power supply, transfer cart can get rid of the limitation of cable, and has no strict requirement for the rails. The kind of metal sheet rail cart can be operated via remote control, which makes it more convenient and safer. What’s more, due to this power, it can run without limited distance as long as charged fully!

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