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Strategic Cooperation

Main point: Our group achieved strategic cooperation with international regional climate action organization.
On November 29, 2018, Mr. Nico Barito, special envoy of President Seychelles to ASEAN and regional director of Asia-pacific of international regional climate action organization (R20), visited Henan Gole Co., Ltd.

During the visit, Mr. Nico Barito had a detailed understanding of the environmental protection business division, construction machinery business division, amusement business division and e-commerce center of Henan Gole Co., Ltd. Mr. He zongyuan, general manager of the environmental protection business division, gave a detailed answer to Mr. Nico Barito, and introduced the development achievements of the company in recent years. He also introduced the current production, research and development, export trade of environmental protection equipment and overseas key projects undertaken by the company.

Mr. Nico Barito introduced: international regional climate action organization (R20), a non-profit environmental organization. It was founded in November 2010 with the support of the United Nations. Its mission is to help local governments implement low-carbon and climate-resilient projects; and sharing best practices and building a “green economy” in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

During the visit, Mr Nico Barito gave recognition and affirmation to Henan Gole Co., Ltd for reputation, strength and achievement, and expressed strong interest to the environmental protection project, and discussed with the environmental protection department around southeast Asia for living garbage harmless, reduction and recycling recycling scheme, the use of anaerobic pyrolysis process, implement waste carbide project commercial operation mode.

During the visit, Mr. An zhiqiang, director of Henan Gole Co., Ltd, and Mr. Nico Barito signed the memorandum of cooperation on jointly supporting ASEAN provinces and cities to implement new green economy, harmless waste treatment and recycling, construction of garbage power plants, provision of environmental protection equipment and technical solutions and other matters. In addition, Mr. Nico Barito also expressed the desire to jointly build a theme park in Seychelles and conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of construction machinery.

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