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Steel Structure Workshop

Steel structure workshop has long service term, simple structure, easy installation and high safety. This kind of metal building is designed to match with bridge crane, jib crane, gantry crane well. In this way, workshop can increase functions, and customers can get higher working efficiency.

Steel structure is also used for other buildings, such as steel structure warehouse, steel structure factory, steel structure garage. All these buildings have simple installing process and short building period, which saves much energy, labor resource and time.

Stable Steel Structures For Sale
Stable Steel Structures For Sale

Crane Steel Structure Workshop
Crane Steel Structure Workshop

Our company is a professional steel structure manufacturer in China. We provide durable steel structures for sale, such as heavy steel structures, portable steel structures, light steel structure, small steel structures, crane steel structures, hanger steel structure.

With various types, reliable quality, reasonable design, customers are satisfied with China steel structure. Many of them become regular customers. To make easier purchase, our company set agency in Pakistan. For any question about steel structures, just send email to

Simple Steel Structure Workshop
Simple Steel Structure Workshop

Wind resistance grade: 12 grades
Earthquake resistance grade: 8 grades
Types of steel structures
Available customized service

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Steel structure cases

Crane steel structure for sale in Chile

steel structure for sale in Chile
steel structure for sale in Chile

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Steel structure for sale in Uzbekistan

steel structure workshop in Uzbekistan
steel structure workshop in Uzbekistan

steel structure and overhead crane
steel structure and overhead crane

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Steel structure delivered to Kazakhstan

steel structure to Kazakhstan
steel structure to Kazakhstan

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Steel structure videos

Wide use of steel structures in Pakistan

Steel construction is most often used in following conditions:
  • High rise buildings because of its strength, low weight, and speed of construction;
  • Industrial buildings because of its ability to create large span spaces at low cost;
  • Warehouse buildings for the same reason;
  • Residential buildings in a technique called light gauge steel construction;
  • Temporary Structures as these are quick to set up and remove.

Firm Steel Structure Workshop
Firm Steel Structure Workshop

Advantages of steel structure workshop

It is super-quick to build at site, as a lot of work can be prefab the factory.

It is flexible, which makes it very good at resisting changing dynamic forces, such as wind or earthquake forces.

A wide range of ready-made structural sections are available, such as I, C and angle sections.

It can be made to take any kind of shape, and clad with any type of material.

A wide range of joining methods is available, such as bolting, welding and riveting.

Where to buy commercial steel structures?

Durable steel structure with affordable price is ideal choice for customers. Where to buy cost-effective steel structures? The following tips may be helpful.

Choose a professional steel structure supplier.
A reliable steel structure company can provide meticulous service, advanced technology, strict design and produce standards, sincere after-sale service, factory price and first-class quality. For example, our company adherents the principle of customers first and quality priority. And engineers design the steel structure based on customers’ practical needs.
Customers had better spend a little more money on better steel structures.
In fact, high quality steel structures can save more cost in the future. Qualified structural steel has durable features, longer service term, few problems and higher safety.
Customers don’t need to replace the steel structures frequently.
Stable and firm features ensure the steel structure high safety, low accident rate.
structural steel designs
Aicrane steel structure designs

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Tips of steel structure workshop installation

The unloading and erecting structural steel components as shown as and described on the drawings. steel structure parts include girders, diaphragms, jacking beams, stiffeners, girder cover-plating.

Supplying and installing bearings, including grout pads.

Design, supply, fabrication, installation, maintenance and removal of temporary falsework.

Design, supply, delivery, installation, maintenance and removal of erection bracing, temporary wind bracing, lateral stability bracing, longitudinal ties and other temporary works for structural steel girders.

The quality control testing of all materials and the work.

The contractor shall not erect the structural steel girders until the substructure concrete has cured a minimum of seven days, and achieved 80% of the 28 day specified concrete strength requirements.

installation of steel structure
installation of steel structure

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