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Special Topic Share

Main point: Chairman of the group was invited to share a special topic in Zhengzhou e-commerce lecture hall.
On November 30, 2018, Zhengzhou electronic commerce lecture (issue 20) was held in Zhengzhou Shangjie District. Mr An zhiqiang of group director was invited to participate in this activity. With people from the government, associations, universities, enterprises and a number of the e-commerce industry together, they discussed the topic of “Under the boom of cross-border e-commerce, how can the traditional manufacturing industry take advantage of the overseas market”.

In this activity, Mr. An zhiqiang, the director, shared his experience with the theme of “overseas promotion layout of industrial equipment”. In his sharing, Mr. An zhiqiang said that with the improvement of mobile Internet, including intelligent logistics and other related technologies, the development of cross-border e-commerce industry will generate many new economic chains, a series of new economic growth points, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In particular, B2C transactions in multiple and small batches of foreign trade orders, is gradually replacing the traditional large foreign trade transactions.

Mr. An zhiqiang said: cross-border cross-border e-commerce is transforming and overturning traditional foreign trade industry chain. Through Internet channels, manufacturers can sell their products directly to overseas end customer. This can get rid of a lot of the intermediate links, make industrial equipment manufacturers enter the overseas market with independent brands , interact directly with the end users, also help equipment manufacturers innovate in research and development, design, production and other areas. At the same time, four issues that manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to: whether an enterprise has the ability to guide production and sales with the market, whether it has the ability to provide overseas after-sales service, whether it can realize localized promotion and offline display, and how competitive its products are in the local similar products in overseas markets.

In addition, Mr An Zhiqiang said: to become bigger and stronger, enterprise should solve the above problems, and needs to attach importance to brand products, pay more attention to our company own brand creation. The key is to adhere to the good faith management and establish a good image. Enterprise that ignores the brand reputation and product quality, certainly will be eliminated by the market.

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