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Safety Requirements for Winch Use

Requirements for Winch Installation Location

1.Set up the operation shed, and ensure that the operator can see the commander and the objects dragged or hoisted clearly. The buildings, scaffolds, materials and components stacked on site during the construction shall not affect the driver’s monitoring of the whole process within the operation scope. The top of the operation shed in the dangerous operation area shall meet the requirements of the protective shed.

2.The foundation should be firm. The winch shall be far away from the dangerous operation area as far as possible, and the place with high terrain and solid soil shall be selected. The buried ground anchor shall be locked with steel wire rope and the winch base. Pile driving shall be carried out in front to prevent the winch from moving and overturning.

3.Direction of drum. The center of the drum and the guide pulley is aligned. The distance from the drum to the first guide pulley is specified as follows: the drum with groove shall be more than 15 times of the drum width, and the drum without groove shall be more than 20 times of the drum width, so as to prevent the steel wire ropes from overlapping each other and the flange of the guide wheel and the steel wire ropes from wearing during the operation of the drum.



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Requirements for Operators

1.The winch driver shall be trained to work with certificate. During operation, he shall be concentrated. If any obstacle is found in his sight, he shall be removed in time. If the signal is unclear, he shall not operate.

2.Before operation, the operator shall idle first to confirm that the electrical, braking and environmental conditions are good before operation. The operator shall understand the main contents and workload of the operation on duty in detail.

3.When the hoisted object is not completely on the ground, the driver shall not leave the post. When resting or suspending the operation, the object or cage must be lowered to the ground. After work, cut off the power supply and close the switch box.

4.The driver shall pay attention to the operation conditions and the wear of the wire rope at any time. When the load changes and is lifted for the first time, stop at 0.5m above the ground for a while, and continue to rise when there is no problem.

5.When using the single drum winch, the descent speed must be controlled by the brake, which shall not be too fast or hard braked, and shall be lowered slowly.

6.Do not use lever type switch to prevent collision and misoperation.

7.The steel wire rope shall be coated with butter regularly and placed in a special channel to prevent rolling and overturning and damaging the strength of the steel wire rope.

8.When the rated tension of the winch is greater than 125kN, the rope guide shall be set, and the steel wire rope on the drum shall be kept for at least 3-5 turns, and the end of the steel wire rope shall be fixed reliably.

9.The distance from the outer edge of the drum to the outermost wire rope shall not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the wire rope.

10.During operation, no one is allowed to cross the winch wire rope under operation.

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