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Safety Operation Requirements for Lifting Operation

Before lifting operation

  1. Assign special personnel for command and operation.
  2. Check and confirm the safety of the lifting appliance to ensure it is in good condition (such as whether the hook safety buckle is effective, whether the wire rope has broken wire and strand, and whether the U-ring has sliding wire trip).
  3. Confirm the implementation of safety measures and lifting environment.
  4. Check the safety conditions in the lifting area (including the delimitation, identification, obstacle, warning area, etc.).
  5. Correctly wear personal protective equipment; predict possible accidents, take effective preventive measures, and select safe escape routes.

During lifting operation

  1. The commander must be clear during lifting operation, and the commander shall wear obvious signs.
  2. The hoisting command must be conducted according to the specified command signal, and other operators shall be clear about the hoisting safety operation regulations and command signal.
  3. The hoisting command shall strictly implement the hoisting safety operation regulations.
  4. Before the formal lifting, the trial lifting shall be carried out. During the trial lifting, the stress condition of all machines and tools shall be checked. If any problem is found, the work pieceshall be put back to the ground first. After the fault is eliminated, the trial lifting shall be carried out again. After confirming that everything is normal, the formal lifting can be carried out.
  5. In the process of hoisting, in case of any fault, report to the commander immediately. No one is allowed to leave the post without permission without instructions.
  6. Before lifting heavy objects in place, lifting rigging shall not be untied; no one is allowed to lift with lifting equipment.
  7. It is strictly prohibited to carry out hoisting operation when the wind speed is above level 5.
  8. It is not allowed to lift in rainy or foggy days; in the process of lifting, if it is interrupted for some reason, safety measures must be taken, and equipment or components shall not be suspended overnight.
  9. When the lifting object falls, it must be supported with square wood or other materials to ensure that the steel wire rope can be drawn smoothly after the object falls.

After lifting operation

Take back the slings for lifting loads and place them in the specified place, and inspect and maintain them.
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