Overhead Crane

Overhead crane is used in many industries to move heavy and oversized objects. Such crane has a simple system. It mainly consists of a railed support structure, the wheel trolley, the hoist, the bridge girder, end trucks, bumpers and pendant. Whole crane traveling mechanism moves on the rail back and forth, the hoist travels along the crane girder left and right. In this way, overhead crane can increase working efficiency.

Portable Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single girder overhead crane is great choice for light and frequent lifting work. It has wide application for warehouse, factory, ...
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15 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

15 Ton Overhead Crane

15 ton overhead crane has high working efficiency. It can deal with heavy lifting work safely and stably. With reliable ...
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10 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

10 Ton Overhead Crane

10 ton overhead crane is a great lifting device for material handling, lifting and transporting. It has various types to ...
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Durable Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead crane can deal with heavy duty safely and stably. Double girder bridge crane has large loading capacity, ...
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30 Ton Overhead Crane For Sale

30 Ton Overhead Crane

30 ton overhead crane can deal with heavy lifting work well. It has complete safety protection devices, large loading capacity, ...
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Portable 2 Ton Overhead Crane

2 Ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane is flexible and convenient to use. With simple structure, light weight, factory price, high efficiency, 2t ...
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Bridge crane mainly includes single girder crane and double girder crane. The former type is portable and light, it is suitable for frequent and light lifting work; the latter type has power lifting capacity. It is perfect for heavy lifting work.

Overhead crane, also called bridge crane, is often found in industrial environment. It has simple system and easy use. The compact structure mainly consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap, a hoist, the lifting part of a crane, traveling along the bridge.

Overhead cranes are mainly used for manufacturing or maintenance work. Electric overhead traveling crane, known as EOT crane, is the most common type of overhead crane. It is electrically operated by a control pendant, radio or remote pendant, or from an operator cabin attached to the crane.

Overhead crane system has many benefits:

  • Reduction in workplace accidents
  • Reduction of product or material damage
  • Improved work-flow
  • Lowered costs
  • Green solution that reduces environmental impact

To ensure the crane good condition, the user should take regular check-work before and after using the crane. Careful maintenance work can avoid accident, reduce damage, protect the safety of crane and operator.

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