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Industrial lifting devices are necessary for construction work. They can increase working efficiency, save much labor resource, energy and time, deal with light duty work and heavy duty work well. These devices mainly include gantry crane, overhead crane, jib crane, electric hoist, marine winch, construction winch, boat travel lift, transfer cart, straddle carrier crane. Customers can choose the suitable one according to practical needs.

Our company, a professional crane supplier in China, provides the above industrial lifting devices. All of our products are designed and produced based on national safety standards. Reasonable design, affordable price, one-stop customized service! Our cranes and winches have been exported to more than 50 countries! To expand our business and make more convenient purchase, our company set agency in Pakistan. For any type of industrial machine, just contact with us!

We will update the news about our company in time, to let more people know about our company’s culture, development, policies and strength.

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