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Mechanical Car Parking System

Mechanical car parking system can save much time and area. It is one of the special products, with convenient access, economic operation, easy maintenance, less occupation of land and other characteristics, is the current response to more vehicles and less parking area of a solution.

Mechanical car parking system covers less area, construction cost is low, no traffic jam. Under the state of lower parking space, the whole road traffic jam is the same as the natural garage; there will be no traffic jam when the upper parking space is stored or taken, because the parking space after rotation will only take up 2.3 meters of the road surface until it falls to the ground, which will not affect the passage of other vehicles. Compared with the vertical and horizontal parking system on the second floor, it can save about 20% of the site construction area and lower construction cost.

According to structure, mechanical car parking system is divided into lifting and horizontal movement type, vertical lifting type, plane mobile type, vertical circulation type, simple lifting type, multi-layer circulation type, roadway stacking mechanical type.

PCS Mechanical Car Parking System
PCS Mechanical Car Parking System

PSC vertical lifting type:

Car dimension: 5300×2050×2050mm/5300×2050×1550mm
Car weight: ≦2200
Car number: 8-16 per set
Power: 12-35kw
Max. car out-time: 90-165s
Lifting model: Motor+Chain
Control system: PLC
Operation model: Slot card+digital button+remote-control

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Benefits of mechanical car parking system

1. Easy access, free from beginners parking concerns. Parking width is 2.3 meters, up and down without mechanical garage for lifting and moving on the second floor of the “narrow gate”, under a no more parking Spaces, parking and nature after upper parking is rotated 90 degrees on the floors of the activities of the pavement type, vehicle access are not bend straight way, don’t back, so this type of system on a particularly suited to technology is not skilled novice parked the car.

2. High security and reliability. With one parking space and one system, the failure rate is less than 1/5 of the parking system on the second floor. Simple structure, high safety and reliability, low failure rate; even if the failure occurs, before the repair, the upper car can be taken out by manual, the whole system will not be taken out of the phenomenon, the management department need not worry about that customers can not take the car.

3. Run economically. Power consumption per vehicle is about 0.07 KWH, no administrator to the parking space operation, compared with the fixed parking lot, no need to add managers.

4. Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost. Single chip control of simple mechanical movement equipment, ordinary electrician can maintain; each parking space maintenance costs about 20 yuan/month. Within the first year after the installation of the parking space, the factory will send special personnel to conduct free inspection and maintenance for 3 times in the 3rd, 6th and 12th months. After one year, for the parking platform with less than 10 cycles of up and down every day, add butter at the designated refueling place every six months to one year. For parking platforms with more than 10 cycles of up and down every day, refueling frequency should be appropriately increased.

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