Mask Making Machine

Our company provides fully automatic disposable mask making machine with good quality and high working efficiency. The whole set of the mask making machine adopts one dragging two structure, which is automatically generated.

Description of automatic medical mask making machine

1. Suitable for flat face mask: 95x175mm three-layer, non-woven fabric belt diameter: 600 * 200 / 600 * 175

2. 6 stations in total, which can be controlled manually separately

3. Equipment area: 7m * 6.5m * 2m (length, width and height)

4. The working system of the equipment is 24-hour continuous working.

mask making machine

Automatic mask making machine:

High output: 120000-140000/day

99% high production qualification rate

2%low equipment failure rate
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Features of the automatic disposable face mask making machine

  1. The whole set of mask machine is of one drag two structure, which is automatically generated;
  2. Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the tension balance of raw materials;
  3. Computer program control, high output, good stability, low failure rate;
  4. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste;
  5. Can produce one to four layers of mask body;
  6. This machine has the function of total count and batch count. The number of batch counts can be set arbitrarily;
  7. Changing the mold can produce different sizes and styles of masks;
  8. The equipment has high overall stability and low failure rate. Its appearance is made of European standard aluminum and stainless steel sheet metal, beautiful and solid.

mask making machine
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