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Management Training

Main point: The group organized and managed the special training of “Three-plate axe”.
“Three-plate axe” training refers to manager skill, manager development and leadership. It is a kind of corporate culture from Alibaba.

From November 30 to December 2, our group organized “2018 Management Training Camp” for two days and two nights. This training was mainly for middle and above management personnel. A total of more than 50 people participated in the training activities.

This training specially invited Xie xuan, a management training coach from Alibaba headquarters, as the general controller. Long ge, Zhang Hong, Xin Lei, leaders of the central and western regions of Alibaba, and Du Jinyu, the entrepreneur representative, as the guest, brought the original “three-plate ax” training of Aliaba management to the company.

This training was conducted through coaching exercises. All trainees were divided into four groups, and three rounds of performance evaluation were conducted on the two themes of “how to increase performance by 50%” and “how to improve the overall human performance of the organization”. Under the comments and guidance of the guests, all the staff had great improvement in the creation of co-creation themes, performance interviews, annual planning, team management and construction.

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