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Jib Crane

Jib crane is popular in areas of the facility that require a very specific lift application. Although some light capacity cranes can be made portable, jib cranes are usually permanently installed over a work station area. They can be mounted to the floor, or wall hung from an approved building column. There are various types of jib cranes to fit different applications and headroom requirements. For high capacity lifts, jibs can be motorized for precision placements.

Pillar jib cranes can offer a full 360 degree coverage of the work area, whereas a wall hung jib can only provide 180 degrees of boom rotation. Customers can choose other types for work, such as free standing jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, wall traveling jib crane.

Column mounted jib crane works for light intensity, crane by post, rotating arm rotation drive device and electric hoist, column bottom through on the concrete foundation with anchor bolt, cantilever rotary driven by pinwheel reducer, electric hoist on the cantilever beams as a straight line running from left to right, and lifting heavy objects. Jib crane for hollow steel structure, light weight, big span, lifting weight, economy and durable. Jib Crane is a new generation of the hoist equipment developed to meet the requirement of modernized production. And Jib Crane adopts advanced technology , has the features of reasonable structure, easy operating and high efficiency, etc . It is widely used in mines, workshop, warehouse , wharf,etc.

Fixed column slewing Jib crane is mainly composed of top column, low column, main girder, main girder pole, electric hoist, rotation mechanism and electrical system, etc. Normally control model of jib crane with remote control or pendent line with press button or both.

Application of jib cranes

  • Factory, workshop, warehouse, store
  • Logistic, dock, port, freight yard
  • Construction building, mine,etc

Jib crane is a type of overhead lifting device. It is often used in a work cell for repetitive and unique lifting task. It has a mast, boom and hoist or trolley. Jib crane can lift/ move loads up to 15 tons within 180 degree to 360 degree arc. The reasonable design can increase efficiency, reduce injuries and improve safety. Jib crane is simple and safe to operate. Various types: pillar jib crane, free standing jib crane, articulating jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, wall traveling jib crane.

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