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Hydraulic Capstan Winch

Hydraulic capstan winch has features as large stadrting power, high working efficiency, less energy consumption, low noise, reasonable design, compact structure. Marine capstan winch can be used on the deck or the shore to fixing the ship.

Choose electric capstan or hydraulic capstan ? It is based on specific conditions. If you are not sure, just contact with us! We have professional engineers team and after-sales team. They have years of experience in designing winch and soloving winch problems.

Our company, a reliable winch manufacturer, provides types of marine winches for sale, such as boat capstan for sale, anchor drum winch, electric towing winch, large mooring winch. These winches can be designed and produced according to practical needs. They can save much energy and increase efficiency. If you want to buy a customized marine winch, just send inquiry to , we will provide sincere and professional service for you!

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hydraulic anchor capstan
hydraulic anchor capstan

Working principle of hydraulic capstan winch

From light to heavy duty, hydraulic capstan has many specifications. It mainly includes two types, worm gear type and planetary gear type. The winch is driven by the hydraulic motor, and the purpose of reducing speed and increasing output torque is realized through the reducer, so as to realize the relative heavy-load traction ability of the winch. Worm type hydraulic capstan has relatively simple structure, easy produce, relatively low transmission efficiency and production cost.

It is generally used in light and medium hydraulic capstan. Planetary wheel type hydraulic capstan has relative complex structure, large transmission ratio, relatively high transmission efficiency and production cost. It is generally used for medium and heavy hydraulic capstan.

Top Quality Hydraulic Capstan Winch
Top Quality Hydraulic Capstan Winch


Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 30ton

Wire rope capacity: customized

Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm or customized

Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized

Driven type: electric/hydraulic

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Method for testing hydraulic capstan

On the deck of the ship, the hydraulic capstan is usually vertically arranged (rotating axis is vertical arrangement). It is mainly used for the ship mooring. Marine hydraulic capstan mainly includes hydraulic motor, reducer, support, capstan head and base and other parts. The capstan can be fixed by welding the base to the ship deck or by locking the support to the ship deck with bolts.

At present, there is no test device for marine hydraulic capstan without load or with load in the existing technology, and the structure features of the hydraulic capstan itself cannot meet its test requirements. Therefore, in view of the above problems, the development of a simple structure, reliable work, strong adaptability of the hydraulic capstan test device, has significant use value.

There is clamp type hydraulic capstan test device and hydraulic capstan performance test method. The test apparatus for the capstan includes a mounting bracket and a hydraulic capstan supported on the mounting bracket. The drums of the hydraulic capstan are arranged horizontally and and clamped by two half rings. Mounting bracket is equipped with hydraulic cylinder, the power output of the hydraulic cylinder is connected with the edge of the half ring. The hydraulic capstan pressurizes the hydraulic cylinder through the two halves of the capstan drum.

The traction and braking force of the hydraulic winch are tested according to the pressure value of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder. The test device has compact structure and small occupation. It is suitable for testing the traction and braking force of hydraulic winch products when leaving the factory. The hydraulic capstan in this test device is arranged horizontally, so it can’t exactly simulate the actual working condition of marine hydraulic capstan, and it can’t be used in the no-load and load test of marine hydraulic capstan.

hydraulic mooring capstan
hydraulic mooring capstan

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Precausions before capstan rope winch operation

1.Check whether the wire rope joints are firm, whether the support bolts and foot bolts are fully tightened, and whether the winch is firmly installed.

2.Check and adjust the brake mechanism to make it flexible and reliable.

3.No nodules are allowed in the inspection of the wire rope. If the wire breaks within a pitch of more than 10%, it should be replaced.

4.There should be no leakage in the electrical part, and the motor and button should be grounded well.

5.Check whether there are obstacles in the traveling track of wire rope to avoid accidents in the course of traction.

Aicrane hydraulic capstan
Aicrane hydraulic capstan

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Safe operation of boat capstan

During operation, pay attention to hearing and seeing signals and signs clearly.

When operating, first stop the left brake drum, make the drum static, release the right brake, then start the motor, the right inner gear idle, then gradually brake the right brake, the left brake gradually loosen, the drum will start to rotate, then traction operation can be carried out.

In the process of winch operation, if you want to stop the winch temporarily, you should release the right brake, kill the left brake, and the drum will stop rotating.

After starting the motor, it is strictly forbidden to brake both brakes at the same time, so as to avoid accidents such as burning down the motor and damage to the main engine.

When starting or stopping the drum, it should be smooth and relaxed, so that the rope speed increases or decreases gradually. It is not allowed to drive, stop, brake sharply in order to prevent damage to the body.

When abnormal conditions occur during operation, such as abnormal sound, braking failure, drastic rise of drum braking part and bearing temperature, stop immediately and check timely to eliminate them.

The steel wire rope should be arranged neatly on the drum, not all of them should be put out when working, and at least three rings should be kept on the drum.

When handing over to the next shift, the operator must make clear the abnormal phenomena in the operation, so as to check and eliminate them in time.

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