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Hydraulic Capstan Winch For Sale

Hydraulic capstan winch for sale can save much energy, time and ensure safety for boat fixing. It has strong power, simple system, easy operation and high safety. Hydraulic capstan winch makes boat fixing easier and safer.

Capstan winch is different from anchor winch. Anchor winch is installed in front of the boat, and equipped with anchor chain and anchor. Most capstan winch is installed in back of the boat. When the ship is near the dock and there is no one with a cable, then the person on the ship will throw the cable to the anchor pile on the pier, with the winch to pull the ship to the dock side.

Do u want to buy a reliable hydraulic capstan? Never hesitate to choose our winches! Our company, a responsible winch supplier in China, provides types of winches for sale, such as electric anchor winch, double drum mooring winch, large capacity towing winch. We also have customized service to ensure suitable winch! If you are interested, just contact with us!

hydraulic mooring capstan
hydraulic mooring capstan

Boat Capstan Parameters:

Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton

Wire rope capacity: customized

Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm

Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized

Customized service is avaliable

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How to buy top hydraulic capstan winch for sale?

A qualified winch with factory price is a ideal choice for every customer. Top quality means that the winch has stable performance, low failure rate, high efficiency and long service life. Reasonable price can help customers save much purchase expense. How to buy a cost-effective winch for work? The following tips maybe helpful.

Before purchase, be clear about what type of winch to buy. For any doubt, ask for help from winch designer or manufacturer. They will give you practical advice. Be clear about the winch function, specification, working condition and special requirements.

Visit the manufacturers or factories. A professional manufacturer has strict producing standards, clean and tidy factory, experienced engineer team and sincere after-sales service. Visit can help customers get more information about the supplier.

Make careful comparison among the winch suppliers. A reliable winch supplier always puts the customer on the fist place, focus on the quality, and provides reasonable design, customized plan, factory price and one-stop after sale service.

Our company is strong and reliable. Except for marine winches, we also have other industrial devices, such as construction winch, overhead crane, gantry crane, electric wire rope/chain hoist, marine boat travel lift, jib crane, electric flat transfer cart, automated car parking system. If you want, just send inquiry to

Boat Hydraulic Capstan Winch For Sale
Boat Hydraulic Capstan Winch For Sale

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How to prolong the service life of hydraulic capstan winch?

Winch service life is related to many factors, such as the winch quality, the winch operation and working degree, environment, daily maintenance or check-work. To ensure the winch long service, customers should pay attention to winch operation and winch maintenance.

Correct operation can ensure the winch normal condition, reduce damage and avoid accident. Although the winch is equipped with safety protection devices, once wrong operation leads accident, mistakes in operation will do harm to the winch and operator. Correct operation is basic and important requirements for the operator.

Regular maintenance is also essential. It can help find the problems early, reduce accident rate, protect the winch and operator from damage. Maintenance can save much extra cost. Once the winch system or parts are broken, the repairing fee is not low.

hydraulic vertical capstan
hydraulic vertical capstan

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Details of capstan winch price list

Capstan winches have different prices. The winch price is related to the design, configuration, specification and other requirements.

For capacity, light duty winch is much cheaper than heavy duty winch. For small boat and easy work, light capstan winch is enough; for large boat and tough work, heavy capstan winch is reliable and safe.

Customers have different requirements for the winch design. This also influence the winch price. With with high configuration is more expensive. This kind of winch has higher quality, safer operation, better performance and longer life.

The delivery can influence the cost. Long distance from the manufacturer will cost more.

Aicrane hydraulic capstans for sale
Aicrane hydraulic capstans for sale

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Why choose our winch?

Strong supplier. We have more than thirty years experience at designing and producing winches. Our winches have been exported to more than fifty countries and regions, such as Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia. We have five factories to provide the manufacture, design, customized solution and after-sale service for worldwide customers.

Reliable quality. Our winches are accord with the national standards and international requirements.

Affordable price. We have our own factory. For any doubt or needs, customers can contact with us directly. There is no middle-men between customers and us. Customers can buy a satisfied winch with reasonable price.

Customized service. We design the winch based on practical conditions and needs, so as to ensure that every customer can get the most suitable winch.

Professional after-sales service. This is a experienced, professional and sincere team. They are ready to solve kinds of problems for the customer. With their hard working, our company absorbs more repeat customers.

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