How To Use An Electric Winch

A winch is a machine that lifts objects by winding a steel rope or chain around a reel, either vertically or horizontally or in an inclined manner. Hoisting machine is widely used in construction, which can accomplish things that cannot be accomplished by manpower and greatly improves work efficiency. However, in recent years, accidents of winch occur from time to time and do great harm to people’s property safety. In fact, most of the accidents are caused by improper operation of winch. So what aspects of winch operation security needs to pay attention to ?

High Safety Electric Winch For Sale

AQ-JM Type Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t;

Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;

Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single/dual speed)

Power supply: 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

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Winch installation

The ground anchor should be buried behind the winch and the winch base should be secured by wire rope, and the pile should be driven in front of the base.

The wire ropes on the drum should be arranged neatly, and at least three rings should be retained. The wire rope from the guide wheel to the winder drum must be shielded whenever it passes through the passage.

Winch Installation

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Winch test

After installation, the winch must be inspected in accordance with the standards and carried out no-load, dynamic load and overload tests.

No-load test: that is, no load, repeat actions according to operation, and test safety protection device sensitive and reliable.

Dynamic load test: that is, act under specified maximum load.

Overload test: generally before the first use, or after overhaul, it is gradually loaded at 110%~125% of the rated load.

Winch Test

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Winch check

After checking the winch, wire rope, anchor, wheel and so on, and confirming that there are no errors, the no-load test run is normal, and the formal operation will be possible only after qualified.

(1)The wire rope meets the inspection standard, without broken wires, deformation, joints, and no serious corrosion.
(2)Ground anchors or other fixed points show no signs of movement or deformation.
(3)The wheel is in good condition, flexible in rotation, without cracks or damage marks.

Reliable Construction Electric Winch

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Drivers must check the electrical wiring and brake box integrity regularly :

(1) Brake box electrical cover must be intact and complete.
(2) The motor wiring of the winch is reliable, the wiring box and fan cover are complete, and the installation is firm.
(3) Winch, brake box and control switch are connected reliably by bolts, and winding connection with wire head is prohibited.
(4) When the winch is operating in the open air, measures should be taken to prevent dampness of electrical equipment.

Winch Check

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Other operation tips of electric winch:

1.The winch specifications are diverse, different specifications lifting weight is not the same, the winch tonnage is divers. we must see how much we buy the winch lifting weight, do not exceed the lifting weight that we buy the winch lifting range. Otherwise it will cause the motor burn-out or other casualties.

2.Our winch rope must be inspected frequently, replaced and maintained regularly. Because the winch in the lifting of the rope to bear a lot of weight and a lot of friction, easy to cause damage, so we must do a good check before use, otherwise once the rope is broken, it will hurt people, and lifting things will also cause damage. Secondly, when operating, irrelevant personnel is not allowed to standby. Person is forbidden to stand under the goods, so as not to fall down the goods hit themselves.

3. For maintenance, cut off the power so as not to cause unnecessary accidents. Winch operators and maintenance personnel should have operation certificate, so that the winch safety accidents can be reduced.

We should strictly abide by the above operation and maintenance principles, so that we can minimize winch accidents and failures, safety is the most important.

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