Heavy Duty Crane

Heavy duty crane has high safety and large lifting capacity. It is widely applied for lifting and transporting material in factory, warehouse, industrial site, material handling yard, workshop, workstation, constriction site.

Our company, a professional industrial cranes manufacturer in China, provides types of cranes for sale, such as warehouse overhead crane, workshop crane, factory crane, single girder crane. double girder crane, underhung bridge crane.

To make purchase convenient, our company sets agency in Pakistan. And except for overhead rail crane, we also have other great lifting devices, such as material transfer trolley, column mounted jib crane, gantry crane, wire rope hoist, chain hoist, marine travel lift, types of winches. If you are interested, just contact with us! sales@crane.pk

Top Quality Heavy Duty Crane
Top Quality Heavy Duty Crane


  • Load capacity: 5-450t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 2.1-11.5m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 27-40m/min
  • Crane running speed: 42-75m/min
  • Work duty: A3-A7

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Choose light duty crane or heavy duty crane?

Light duty overhead crane has simple system, light dead weight and easy operation. It is fast to install or transport from one place to another place. This kind of small crane is suitable for frequent and short distance lifting/transporting work, such as assembly line. Our company provides qualified light duty crane as 3 tons crane, 5 ton bridge crane, 10 tonne crane, 15 ton bridge crane.

Heavy duty overhead crane has high working class. It can adapt to severe working conditions well, such as explosive, hot, flammable working environment. Customers can choose special cranes, like casting overhead crane, explosion-proof crane, foundry crane with hook, electromagnetic crane. We have customized large cranes, such as 30 ton crane, 40 ton crane, 50 ton crane, 100 ton crane.

Heavy Duty Crane Large Capacity
Heavy Duty Crane Large Capacity

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How to ensure heavy duty crane safety?

For large crane, the safety is an important factor. It is related to the crane service life and operator safety. The users should pay attention to following aspects:

First, every operator must be professional at crane operation. He/she should get professional training and has operation license. This is basic requirement for operator.

Second, the user should take regular check work for crane parts. Careful maintenance can find the problem in time to avoid accident and reduce damage.

Third, the operator must use the crane strictly according to operation rules. Correct operation can protect the crane and operator from risks.

Fourth, for any abnormal condition, stop operating the crane immediately, and solve the problems through professional workers.

Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane
Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane


  • Load capacity: 7.5+7.5t -20+20t
  • Span: 10.5-34.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-16m
  • Lifting speed: 11.7-13.2m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 31.3-37m/min
  • Crane running speed: 58.5-74.3m/min
  • Work duty: A5-A7

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Safety devices of heavy crane

Weight overload protection device
Crane traveling limit switch
Voltage lower protection function
Emergency stop system
Current overload protection system
Top quality long time bearing polyurethane material buffer

Durable Double Girder Overhead Crane
Durable Double Girder Overhead Crane


  • Load capacity: 5-320t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 0.2-10.7m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 2.4-33m/min
  • Crane running speed: 4.2-68m/min
  • Work duty: A3-A5

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Why choose our cranes?

1.Cut down your plant or factory building investment.

2.Improve your production efficiency, create more value for your investment.

3.Suitable different operating conditions, and provide you one-stop solutions.

4.Compact design, low headroom, safety with high performance.

5.Reduce daily maintenance, easy operation and energy saving.