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Electric Marine Winches to Maldives

With many years experience in winch industry, we have had many customers from different countries and regions. Our winches have been highly recognized by our customers because we always stick to “customer first” principle.

Recently, one of our customers from Maldives told us the two sets of winches purchased from our company work reliably, efficiently and safely. They said they would buy more winches in the near future from our company. The winches they purchased are electric marine winch 5 ton and electric anchor winch with 16mm chain diameter.  The winches are used on boat and used for anchoring and mooring.

electric marine winch
Marine Electric Winches to Maldives

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We provide different types of marine winch, including marine electric winch, marine hydraulic winch, anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and marine capstan. Except marine winch, we also provide construction winches such as JM slow speed winch, JK fast speed winch, JMM friction winch, JKL piling winch, mining winch and other types of winches.

If you have any need of the winches, please just feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with suitable winch at competitive price.

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