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Electric Lifting Hoist

Electric lifting hoist is a flexible lifting device. It is widely used in factory, warehouse, construction site, assembly line. This kind of portable hoist can be used with gantry crane, jib crane, bridge crane to expand operation area and increase working efficiency.

According to lifting capacity, electric power hoist includes heavy duty electric hoist and light duty electric hoist. The former type is equipped with complete safety protection devices, such as overload protection device, over-speed protection device.

Our company, one of professional electric hoist manufacturers in China, provides types of electric hoist for sale, such as electric wire rope hoist, chain electric hoist. We have customized service to make sure every customer can get suitable electric hoist. Except for electric hoist, we also have other products, winch, marine travel lift, steel structure, electric flat transfer cart, outdoor gantry crane, industrial overhead crane. If you are interested, just send email to

Great Electric Lifting Hoist For Sale
Great Electric Lifting Hoist For Sale


  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5-16t
  • Lifting Height: 6-30m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.35-8m/min
  • Traveling Speed: 20m/min
  • WorkDuty: M3, M4
  • Provide Custom Option

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Main types of electric lifting hoist

For common type, electric lifting hoist mainly includes two types, AQ-CD model electric hoist and AQ-MD model electric hoist. AQ-CD or AQ-MD model monorail wire rope hoist is a kind of light-duty lifting equipment. It has advantage of tight structure, light weight, small volume, wide common use and convenient operation. Reducers with hard gear surface are applied, electric hoist can have long life and high mechanical efficiency.

AQ-CD model electric hoist has one lifting speed. AQ-MD model electric hoist has normal lifting speed and slow lifting speed which make it lift steadily and accurately.

AQ-CD or AQ-MD model electric hoist can be widely used to lift heavy objects, or installed on the straight or curve I-section steel beam of single beam cranes. They can also be used together with gantry crane, jib crane, overhead crane. These conditions make electric hoists common in industrial and ore enterprise, railway, wharf and warehouses.

Wire Rope Electric Lifting Hoist
Wire Rope Electric Lifting Hoist

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Top quality electric hoist accessories

Motor: It has safety limiter in both up and down directions. And the motor is conic rotor brake motor so as to adapt to the frequent direct start in the intermittent work.

Reducer: It has hard gear surface and adopts 3 level helical gears to slow down the speed, so it will have long life and high mechanical efficiency.

Gear box: It has specially treated gears for high wear resistance. Each geared shaft assembly is supported on ball or roller bearings, to ensure smooth, low-friction operation.

Rope guide: It has two halves to ensure easy accessibility. It encircles the drum completely so that the rope may not uncoil even when the hoist is in unloaded condition.

Hook: The hook is closed type with high safety, it is wrought with special high quality steel.

Rope drum: It is made of cast iron and seamless steel tube. Its shell is welded with steel plate. The drum device is the central part of hoist.

Chain Hoist Electric Lifting Hoist
Chain Hoist Electric Lifting Hoist

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Shipping ways of hoists and cranes

Electric parts are packed by high quality plywood crate to reduce distortion in conveying.

Main beams, end beams and trolley, winch are packed by plastic woven cloth. It can reduce abrasion during the transportation.

If the size is suitable for container ship, usually by container.

Big size, usually by bulk ship or by container after truncation.

Transport ways are based on reducing cost and keeping safety.

Heavy Duty Chain Hoist
Heavy Duty Chain Hoist


  • Lifting Capacity: 0.5-50t
  • Lifting Height: 3-30m
  • Lifting Speed: 0.66-7.2m/min
  • Traveling Speed: 11/21m/min
  • Work Duty: M3, M4
  • Provide Custom Option

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Inspection checklist of electric chain hoist

1.Structural support system

Mounting base
Vertical support column
Horizontal support column
Support and beam-maximum rated capacity stenciled on the beam

2.Main hoist

Clean the chain by removing any foreign material such as dirt and grease and inspect the chain for using a gauge.

Slack the chain and observe if wear exists at interlink bearing surface between the links.

Inspect the chain for gauges, nicks, arc burns, twisted, bent, worn or damaged links.

Inspect the loose end-link, loose end screw and dead end block and clevis pin on the double reeve units.

Inspect sheave wheel for freedom of movement.

Mechanical load spring brake, electric brake, lower hook, throat opening measurement, upper hook, hook swivel, hook pin, chain drum, guards, limit switches.


Inspect that all connections are made and screw terminals are tight.

Check the ground screws to see that the ground wires of the pendant push button cable and power cord are secure.

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