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Electric Capstan Winch For Sale

Electric capstan winch for sale has compact structure, easy installation, flexible transport and long service life. Electric capstan winch can save much energy and time.

Electric capstan winch can make chain or cable collecting and releasing easy. Most winches on the market use a planetary gear reducer. The advantage of planetary gears is their small size and relatively large reduction ratio. Moreover, the gear contact point is many, the service life is long.

Capstan often needs to be installed in a smaller space, so the smaller the lighter the better. Planetary gears can meet this requirement and produce a large reduction ratio.

Reliable Electric Capstan Winch For Sale
Reliable Electric Capstan Winch For Sale


Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton

Wire rope capacity: customized

Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm

Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized

Customized service is available

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Our company, a professional winch manufacturer in China, provides types of marine winches for sale, such as mooring winch, anchor winch, electric winch, hydraulic winch. The winches have reliable quality, reasonable design, factory price, complete safety devices.

Our winches have been exported to more than thirty countries and regions. Professional service, strict producing standard, strong engineers and after-sales team! Customers think highly of our group. If you are interested, just contact with us!

Simple Electric Capstan Winch For Sale
Simple Electric Capstan Winch For Sale

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Compact structure of electric capstan

Relay transmission. The relay transmission receives signals from the remote control, and the circuit inside is capable of changing the direction of the motor.

The motor. A dc motor is included in the component. The winch model has a cooling fan that prevents the winch from overheating.

Noose guide. If a noose is required to work at an Angle, the guide can direct the noose to the drum. If there is a roller, it is called a roller rope guide.

Noose drum. The noose drum is driven by an electric motor, like the wound cylinder block. The direction can be changed by pressing the remote control button. Heavy winches have heavier nooses and therefore larger drums.

The clutch. The clutch is responsible for switching the noose drum and is controlled by a simple handle.

The remote control. The remote control can control the noose from a distance. The most common models have a cable to the winch, and there are no linear remote controls on the market.

Compact Electric Capstan Winch
Compact Electric Capstan Winch

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Details about electric capstan prices

Many factors can influence the winch prices, such as the quality, the manufacturer, the winch configuration, the service.

Top quality winch is not cheap, but it can save other cost. Reliable winch has stable performance and long service life. It can ensure normal operation and improve working conditions. Customers don’t need to replace the parts or maintain the winch frequently.

Professional winch manufacturers can ensure first-class quality. They have strong engineers team and own factory, and provide kinds of winches with factory price.

Heavy duty winch is usually more expensive than light duty winch. Large capacity winch has stricter standards than that of small winch. And the safety protection devices are more complex. For tough and heavy work, choose large winch, for light work, choose small winch.

One-stop after-sales service can help customers solve many problems and save much cost, energy, time. Our company win customers’ trust with meticulous after-sale service.

Electric Capstan Winch Easy Use
Electric Capstan Winch Easy Use

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Safe operation of electric capstan winch

Correct operation is very essential. It is related to the winch working condition, service life and customer’s safety.

Careful and regular check work. Every time before and after using the winch, take a thorough check for the winch. This can help customers find problems earlier and avoid accident.

Every operator should operate the winch according to operation principles strictly. This is basic requirement for the operator, for example, focus on the operation, never over-load, over-speed, or chatting with other person.

For any abnormal condition, stop operation and ask for help from professional personnel. If the winch still works when abnormal conditions happen, the winch will be damaged.

Electric Capstan Winch Factory Price
Electric Capstan Winch Factory Price

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Why choose our electric capstan winch?

1.First-class quality
Our company produces winches according to national standards and international rule. This can ensure the reliable quality. What’s more, we also provide non-standard winches, namely customized winches according to practical needs and specifications.

2.Professional service
We have strong after-sales team and engineers team. They have experience and can solve problems for customers timely.

Our company always put customers and quality on the first place. As a reliable winch supplier, we rank top in the winch market because of sincere service, quality first, customer oriented.

If you are interested, never hesitate to contact with us! , we will reply to u asap.