Disposable Medical Protective Suit

The disposable medical protective suit is made of non-woven fabric, and consists of a hooded top and pants. The protective coverall provides barriers and protective effects for blood, body fluids and secretions of potentially infectious patients that clinical medical personnel are exposed to during work.

Product advantages: breathable, anti-bacterial, blocking virus-containing liquid, no flocking.
Product range: Occupational protective clothing for medical staff in medical institutions.
Certification: CE, ISO13485 certificates. We also have GTT test reports.
Packing: single code single piece packaging.

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  1. Open the package and take out the medical protective clothing once;
  2. Put on your shirt first, then your shirt, then bring your hat and zip up.

Cautions and cautionary notes:

  1. Check the packaging before use. The single package is damaged, and it is prohibited to use it.
  2. One-time use, prohibit repeated use.
  3. Please wear the protective suitwithin limited time.
  4. Before taking off the protective gloves, try to avoid touching the outer surface of the protective clothing. After taking off the gloves, try to contact the inner surface of the protective clothing. After removing the protective clothing, the inner surface should face outwards, and the outer surface and the pollutants should be wrapped Inside, avoid contact of pollutants with humans and the environment. Take off the protective clothing and equipment in a centralized manner to avoid contamination in the process.
  5. If the protective coverallis contaminated or damaged by patient’s blood, body fluids, dirt, it should be replaced in time.

medical protective suit
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Except for protective suits, we also provide medical masks, protective gloves, test kits, forehead thermometers, mask making machine, bi-level positive airway pressure device, hand sanitizer gel and so on. For any kind of our products, just send your inquiry to us.

Model specifications (unit cm)

Model Body height Bust Sleeve Length cuff Trousers mouth
160 165 120 84 18 24
165 169 125 86 18 24
170 173 130 90 18 24
175 178 135 93 18 24
180 181 140 96 18 24
185 188 145 99 18 24
Deviation +- 2 +- 2 +- 2 +- 2 +- 2

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