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Crane Steel Structures

Crane steel structures can male building easy and fast. Prefab steel structure is convenient to transport, simple to install, fast to maintain. Light weight, long service life, factory price, it is great choice for building warehouse, factory, warehouse, plant.

steel structure with crane
crane steel structure

steel structure workshop with crane
steel structure workshop with crane

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Our company, a professional crane supplier in China, provides customized steel structures for sale. We also have gantry crane, jib crane, electric hoist, marine travel lifts, winches, port container gantry crane. If you are interested, just send inquiry to .

Steel structure cases

Crane steel structure for sale Chile

steel structure for sale in Chile
steel structure for sale in Chile

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Crane steel structure for sale Uzbekistan

steel structure workshop in Uzbekistan
steel structure workshop in Uzbekistan

steel structure and overhead crane
steel structure and overhead crane

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Crane steel structure for sale Thailand

steel structure with overhead crane for sale
steel structure and crane for sale

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Steel structure for sale Kazakhstan

steel structure to Kazakhstan
steel structure to Kazakhstan

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Steel structure for sale Bangladesh

steel bridge structure
steel structure for sale to Bangladesh

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Aicrane Steel Structure Videos

Features of crane steel structures

Steel structure factory mainly refers to that the main load-bearing members are composed of steel. It includes steel column, steel beam, steel structure foundation, steel roof (of course the span of the workshop is larger, basically is steel structure roof), steel roof. The steel structure of the wall can also use brick wall maintenance.

Because the steel output of our country increases, a lot of people begin to use steel structure workshop, specific still can divide light and heavy steel structure workshop. Compared with the structure of other materials, the steel structure has the following characteristics:

High strength, light weight

Although the density of steel is greater than other building materials, its strength is very high. Under the same situation of stress, steel structure weight is small, can be made into a larger span structure.

Good plasticity and toughness

The plasticity of steel is good, the structure won’t break suddenly because of accidental overload or partial overload under normal circumstances. Good toughness of steel makes the structure more adaptable to dynamic load.


The internal structure of steel is homogeneous and isotropic. The actual working performance of the steel structure is in good agreement with the theoretical calculation results, so the reliability of the structure is high.


Due to the weld ability of the steel, the connection of the steel structure is greatly simplified, which is suitable for manufacturing structures of various complex shapes.

High degree industrialization of production& installation

The production of steel structure is mainly in specialized metal structure factory, so the production is simple and high precision. Components are shipped to the site installation. They have high degree of assembly, fast installation speed and short duration.


Steel internal structure is very dense. When adopting welding connection, or even rivets or bolts connection, it is easy to do tight leakage.

Corrosion resistance

Steel is easy to rust in damp environment, especially in corrosive medium environment. It is necessary to take regular maintenance.

Fire resistance

When the steel surface temperature at 150 ℃, the strength of the steel change is very small, so the steel structure is suitable for the hot shop. When the temperature exceeds 150 ℃, its strength decreases obviously. When the temperature reaches 500-600t, the strength is almost zero. Therefore, in case of fire, the fire resistance time of steel structure is short and sudden collapse will occur. Steel structures with special requirements, insulation and fire resistance measures should be taken.

Wide Use Crane Steel Structures
Wide Use Crane Steel Structures

Portable Crane Steel Structures
Portable Crane Steel Structures

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Aicrane steel structure design

Single span steel structure

single span steel structure for sale
single span crane steel structure

Double span steel structure

double span steel structure
dual span crane steel structure

Single-story steel structure

single storey steel structure
single storey steel structure

Double-story steel structure

double storey crane steel structure
double storey steel structure

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Applications of steel structure


Structural steel is mainly used for construction purposes because of its rigidity and high strength to weight ratio. Structural steel is used to construct residential and commercial buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers, bridges, metro stations, stadiums, etc.

Energy Infrastructure

Various sectors of energy such as nuclear, wind power, electric, mining and natural gas make use of structural steel for manufacturing different components. The major reason for using steel structure is its ability to corrosion, fire, and weather resistance which reduces risks and accidents at sites where they are used.

Vehicle Building

Structural steel has high levels of elasticity, strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance, which matters a lot in vehicle building. This robust material is used for engineering and manufacturing of transport vehicles such as trucks, aircrafts, ships, trains, etc.

Other Applications

The ductile and malleable properties of structural steel make it possible to mold and shape them in different forms. Structural steel can be used to manufacture industry machinery and equipment, storage tanks, tools, etc. Structural steel also can be used for manufacturing containers for food and beverages, packaging of chemicals and aerosols, etc.

Choose our crane steel structures

  • The steel structure components are produced in the factory, which reduces the work load on site, shortens the construction period, and conforms to the industrialization requirements, saves resources and reduces some unnecessary pollution.
  • Steel structure from our company has reliable quality, accurate size, easy installation. It is easy to cooperate with the relevant parts.
  • Light weight, high strength. Factory made of steel structures weigh about half as much as factory made of reinforced concrete. It can meet the needs of large rooms, the usable floor area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete factory.
  • Steel can be recycled. Construction and demolition produce less environmental pollution.
  • It has high safety and reliability, wind resistance performance and load capacity, the seismic capacity can reach eight degree.
steel structure building for sale
steel structure buildings
Aicrane steel structure building products
Aicrane steel structure building products

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How do you install the steel structure?

  • Prepare before erection, checking the erection equipment and materials
  • Install the columns
  • Install the rafter
  • Install the purlins and brace
  • Calibrate the first frame
  • Install the next frame
  • Complete installation for the rest frames
  • Install the roof monitor
  • Check completion before covering
  • Install the covering and finish

Is steel construction safe?

Offsite fabrication of steel structure components and rapid assembly on site by skilled personnel make steel a kind of safe construction material.

Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel is the safest material choice for construction option.

What are the main structural Types?

Frame structure: beam and column
Grids structure: latticed structure or dome
Prestressed structure
Truss structures: bar or truss members
Arch structure
Arch bridge
Beam bridge
Cable-stayed bridge
Truss bridge: truss members

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