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3 ton winch

3ton Electric Winch for Our Customer

3ton JM series slow speed winch has been delevered to our customer's place in Indonesia, and the electric winch works reliably. The 3 ton winch features reasonable design, excellent work performance, reliable quality and competitive price. Our engineers recommend the suitable winch solution to suit all the customer's requirements. Contact ...
Aicrane HD overhead cranes

AQ-HD Single Girder Cranes Installed for Our Customers

One of our esteemed customers in Uzbekistan have ordered several sets of our AQ-HD single girder overhead cranes for their materials handling. Now the overhead cranes have been delivered to their work place and been installed completely. In order to meet all the requirements of the customers, we recommend the ...
electric hoists

8 Sets of Electric Hoist for Our Client from Indonesia

We got good news from one of our clients in Indonesia that the 8 sets of electric wire rope hoist have been installed and tested completely and all of them work reliably and efficiently together with the cranes. Our clients are very pleased with our hoist products and said they ...
overhead crane

10ton Overhead Crane Installed in Nigeria for Our Customer

A 10 ton overhead crane has been completely installed in Nigeria for our customer. This crane is our hot-selling type - AQ-HD European standard single girder overhead crane, the span of the crane is 18.45m. Since the main girder is longer than 11m, it is cut into two pieces to ...
overhead crane

AQ-HD 10ton Overhead Crane for Our Client

HD 10ton overhead crane has been completed and delivered to our client in Uzbekistan. we design and produce the overhead crane according to our customer's requirements. all the cranes are produced in accordance with national standers and safety rules. Our customers are very pleased with the overhead crane and we are ...
30 ton slow speed winch

AQ-JM 30 ton Winch Delivered to Turkey

Our customers from Turkey ordered 16 units of JM 30 ton winch from our company, with our professional skills and reliable quality, the 30 ton winches have been completed and delivered to Turkey for our clients. They are very satisfied with our winch products and their work efficiency and productivity ...
20 ton winch to Pakistan

20 Ton Slow Speed Winch for Our Client from Pakistan

The 20 ton slow speed winch for our client from Pakistan has been completely installed and used in the work place. According to the client's requirements, our professional engineers and workers designed and manufactured the AQ-JM 20 ton winch for him, the winch is a kind of slow speed electric ...

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