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AQ-HD Single Girder Cranes Installed for Our Customers

One of our esteemed customers in Uzbekistan have ordered several sets of our AQ-HD single girder overhead cranes for their materials handling. Now the overhead cranes have been delivered to their work place and been installed completely.

In order to meet all the requirements of the customers, we recommend the suitable solutions to them, including 3 ton overhead crane, 5 ton overhead crane, 16+10ton overhead crane. All of these crane are designed by our professional and experienced engineers, and they are manufactured with good quality materials and the whole production process is strictly controlled.

single girder cranes
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After receiving the crane products, our customers are very satisfied with the quality and our service. We helped them with the installation and commissioning, and now all these cranes work reliably in their workshop.

Our AQ-HD European standard overhead cranes are widely recognized and used in many countries and regions, and they all work safely and efficiently. If you are looking for such crane solutions, please feel free to contact us without hesitation and we will offer you the suitable crane product with very competitive price.

Aicrane HD overhead cranes
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