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Accessories for Trolley Crane

There are many accessories for winch-type trolley crane, mainly including motor, reducer, brake, drum group, coupling, pulley group, hook group, overload limiter, wheel group, cab and electrical components. The motor is three-phase asynchronous motor, mainly YZR and YZP. YZR series hoisting and metallurgical motors are wound rotor motors, which are characterized by large overload capacity and high mechanical strength. Generally, the ambient temperature is not more than 40 ° C, the insulation grade is f, and the protection grade is IP44; the metallurgical ambient temperature is not more than 60 ° C, the insulation grade is h, and the protection grade is IP54. If necessary, safety devices such as overspeed switch and encoder shall be added.

YZP series variable frequency adjustable speed three-phase asynchronous motor for hoisting and metallurgy integrates the characteristics of three-phase asynchronous motor for hoisting and metallurgy with the advantages of variable frequency adjustable speed. It has the characteristics of large overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide adjustable speed range, stable operation, etc. the general ambient temperature is not more than 40 ° C, the insulation grade is f, and the protection grade is IP54; the metallurgical ambient temperature is not more than 60 ° C, insulation class h, protection class IP54, overspeed switch, encoder and other safety devices shall be added if necessary, and the motor shall be equipped with cooling fan.

There are many reducers of ZQ type and ZSC type for crane, and ZQ type reducer is mainly used for lifting mechanism, crane operation mechanism and luffing mechanism of overhead crane; ZSC type vertical parallel shaft reducer is mainly used for crane operation mechanism.


Brake device is an important part of all kinds of crane mechanisms, which plays an important role in crane operation safety and performance. The commonly used brake is electric hydraulic drum brake, mainly YWZ series, and the commonly used model is ywz4 series. The main swing hinge points of ywz4 brake are equipped with self-lubricating bearings, which have high transmission efficiency and do not need lubrication in use. According to the different hydraulic tank, it can be divided into iron tank and aluminum tank.

brake device

Drum group is the component of winding steel wire rope in lifting mechanism and traction mechanism. Drum group mainly consists of drum, drum shaft, gear plate adapter (or big gear), drum hub, bearing body and bearing. Drum strength is an important factor for crane safety. According to different materials, the drum is made by HT200 casting (usually called casting drum or gray iron drum), ZG25 casting (usually called cast steel drum), Q235B or Q345B steel plate rolling and welding (usually called welding drum or steel plate rolling drum).

The coupling is mainly used to connect two shafts arranged in the same axis or basically parallel to each other, transmit torque and compensate a little angle and radial deviation at the same time, and improve the dynamic characteristics of the transmission device. Common couplings include gear coupling, plum coupling, elastic pin coupling, universal coupling, etc.

The pulley block and hook block are important parts of the hoisting mechanism, which can support the steel wire rope, change the direction of the steel wire rope and balance the tension of the steel wire rope. The hook block mainly consists of the hook, hook nut, bearing, hook beam and pulley block. The pulley can be cast by HT150 (usually called cast pulley or gray iron pulley), cast by ZG25 (usually called cast steel pulley), and rolled by Q235B or Q345B steel plate (usually called rolling pulley) according to different materials.

hook and pulley group

The overload limiter mainly adopts bearing pedestal type, which has the functions of alarm and power-off protection.

The wheel set is an important part of the running mechanism, which needs to bear a large load. According to the wheel edge, it can be divided into three parts: no edge wheel, single edge wheel and double edge wheel. Most of the rimless wheels are used in the trolley operation of the hook type single main beam gantry crane and the reverse roller of the crane; the single rimless wheel is generally used in the trolley operation of the double beam crane, and the double rimmed wheel is used in the crane running mechanism. The wheels are mainly forged with zg55, ZG50SiMn and 65Mn.

The operation mode of crane can be divided into cab operation, ground wired handle operation, ground wireless remote control operation or the combination of two operation modes. Double girder bridge crane and gantry crane are operated more in the cab. The operator can look down on the surrounding environment of the hoisted object from above, with good vision, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. The cab can be divided into ordinary cab and space cabin cab according to different appearance.


Electrical components are an important part of the electrical control system, whose quality directly affects the quality and safety of the crane. It mainly includes resistor, relay, contactor, cam controller, linkage console, travel switch and frequency converter, etc.

Buffer device is a device to absorb the impact kinetic energy of crane after the end brake of crane. It is divided into polyurethane buffer, spring buffer and hydraulic buffer according to the different buffer principle.
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