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70 Ton Winch

70 ton winch is a heavy duty winch used for tough work. It can applied for many places, such as industrial site, workshop, port, workstation. With large capacity, the winch can save labor resource, increase working efficiency and improve working conditions; with compact structure, the winch is easy to install and check; with reliable quality, the winch has stable performance.

Our company, a professional winch supplier in China, provides types of winches, such as light duty winch, heavy duty winch, slow speed winch, fast speed winch, mining winch, industrial winch, constant tension winch, friction winch, free fall piling winch. All these winches have reasonable design, first-class quality, affordable price. If you are interested, just contact with us

Heavy Duty 70 Ton Winch
Heavy Duty 70 Ton Winch

AQ-JMM Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~100t;

Wire rope capacity: 20~5000 m;

Working speed: 5~20 m/min;

Power supply: 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase

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How to install and use 70 ton winch?

1) The winch should be installed a little farther away from the lifting center. The electric hoist should be installed in a flat, open place without obstacles in front.

2)Adjust the position of the guide block, the traction wire rope is wound horizontally from the bottom surface of the reel into the reel.

3)Overload use of the winch is strictly prohibited. In major lifting operations, a dynamo-meter should be installed on the traction rope to quantitatively detect its tension value.

4) When lifting heavy equipment for trial lifting, it is necessary to check the force and stable state of the electric hoist, the tension value of the traction rope, the current value of the motor, etc.

5) The mechanical device and electrical system of the electric hoist should be fully checked before use. The electric hoist should be fixed reliably to prevent overturning and movement. Generally, anchor, workshop column foundation and weight pressure are used as anchor points, and the fixed rope binding the base of the hoist should be drawn out from both sides to prevent the base from moving after being stressed.

6) The distance between the first guide pulley and the reel axis should be more than 25 times the length of the reel, to ensure that the deviation Angle is less than 2°, so that the wire rope around the reel can be arranged in order without winding.

Reliable 70 Ton Winch
Reliable 70 Ton Winch

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How to avoid winch overheating?

To buy new winch with good quality, the winch accessories, especially the motor, needs the brand motor with national certification.

Don’t use the winch for overweight, for example, the winch of 5 tons lifts the goods of 10 tons.

Do not modify by yourself, such as the power supply.

Do not use winch for a long time, especially in confined space for a long time.

Use standards of winch wire rope

1. The wire ropes on the reels should be arranged neatly. If overlaps or oblique winding are found, stop the machine and rearrange. Do not use your hands or feet to pull and step on the wire rope in rotation. The wire rope should not be fully released, at least three turns should be retained.

2. The wire rope shall not be knotted or twisted, and shall be replaced when the wire break exceeds 10% within one pitch.

3. During the operation, no one shall cross the wire rope. After lifting the object (object), the operator shall not leave the hoist. Objects or hanging cages should be lowered to the ground during rest.

4. In the operation, drivers and signalmen should maintain good visibility with the lifting objects. Drivers and signalmen should cooperate closely and obey the unified command of signals.

5. In case of power failure during operation, cut off the power supply and lower the lifting object to the ground.

6. Listen to the signal of the commanding personnel during the work. If the signal is unclear or may cause an accident, the operation should be suspended.

7. In case of sudden power failure during operation, the knife should be pulled open immediately and the goods put down.

8. After the operation, the material plate should be on the ground, lock the electrical box.

9. Steel wire rope in the process of use and mechanical wear. Spontaneous corrosion local damage is inevitable, should be painted at intervals with protective oil.

10. Overload is strictly prohibited. In excess of the maximum tonnage.

11. The use of the process should be careful not to appear knot, flattening, arc injury, chemical medium erosion.

12. High temperature objects shall not be directly hoisted, and protective plates shall be added for angular objects.

13. The use of the wire rope should be frequently checked in the process of use, reach the scrap standard should be scrapped immediately.

A. Diameter decreases

Wear diameter more than 40 percent should be scrapped, not more than 40 percent should reduce the coefficient of use.

B. Surface corrosion

When the corrosion on the surface of the entire wire rope is visible to the naked eye, the wire rope cannot be used.

C. Structural failure

The whole wire rope broken should be scrapped, wire rope with broken wire should be used with reduced coefficient.

D. Overload

The steel wire rope used for overload shall not be used.