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50 Ton Hydraulic Winch For Sale

50 ton hydraulic winch for sale is a large industrial device used for heavy duty. This winch has large load capacity, complete safety protection devices, high safety, high efficiency. 50 ton hydraulic winch is designed as slow speed winch.

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hydraulic winch with good quality
Hydraulic Winch with Good Quality

Hydraulic Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t;

Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;

Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single/dual speed)

Power supply: 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

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Safety devices of 50 ton hydraulic winch for sale

The winch exposes moving parts, such as open gear, coupling, belt pulley, etc, protective shield shall be installed whenever accidents may occur under normal operating conditions.

Winches working in the open air should be provided with rain shelters, which should not affect the operation and inspection of drivers.

When winch is used for lifting heavy objects, it is necessary to install lifting overrun limit switch.

Other devices, such as overload protection, over-speed protection, drop over-speed limit switch, should be considered as appropriate according to the construction situation.

Free fall hydraulic winch working principle

Free falling winch can realize the rapid drop of load and wire rope together. During the falling process, the wire rope is always in tension state. When the object falls to the ground and is still, the wire rope does not fall so much that the reel is in disorder. The falling speed of the object can be adjusted by the control system to achieve acceleration falling less than 9.8. At the same time, the control system can also limit the output torque of the winch to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents caused by overloading.

waterfall type hydraulic winch
Waterfall Type Hydraulic Winch

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The reason why the winch has the above functions is that compared with the ordinary hydraulic winch, the free fall winch has one more clutch. All the functions are realized by the combination of clutch in the process of falling. That is, in the process of landing:

1) When the clutch is completely detached, the hoist can achieve complete free falling motion.
2) When the clutch is in semi-clutch state, the hoist can achieve accelerated falling motion less than 9.8.
3) When the flow of the hydraulic oil entering the clutch opening chamber is controlled, the semi-clutch degree of the clutch is adjusted, the falling speed is controlled,
4) Through the overload protection function of the clutch, the torsion limit function of the winch is realized.

Aicrane hydraulic winch for sale
Quality Hydraulic Winch for Sale

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Safe operation of heavy duty hydraulic winch

1.The winch should be installed in a flat and solid place with good vision, and the fuselage and anchor must be firm. The center line of the winch and the guide pulley should be perpendicular to each other, and the distance between the winch and the pulley should generally be no less than 15 meters.

2.The winch operating shed must meet the requirements of rainproof, fire protection and shock resistance. After the installation of the control switch box (table), winch and power wiring, the winch must be qualified and listed before it can be used.

3.Before operation, check the fixing condition between winch and ground, wire rope, clutch, brake, safety ratchet, transmission pulley, protective device, electrical circuit, etc. The brake is sensitive, loose and moderate, the coupling bolt is tight, the elastic leather ring is intact and no wear and tear is lacking, and the protective device of zero grounding is good; the safety of rope drum on drum is intact and must not be loosened without missing gears; the protective cover of the gear transmission part is complete and effective. The operation shall be allowed only after all qualifications have been confirmed.

4.The winch shall not lift or drag objects exceeding the rated weight. When lifting heavy objects to stay in the air, ratchet insurance cards shall be applied in addition to brakes. Put the suspension on the ground during rest. In case of sudden power outage, the power supply should be cut off first, then the brake should be pressed to relax slowly, and the suspension should be put to the ground at a uniform and slow speed.

5.In the work, we should listen to the commander’s signal. When the signal is not clear or may cause an accident, we should stop and wait for the signal to be clear before we can continue to work.

6.After the operation, the power supply should be cut off, the control box should be locked, the total power supply should be closed, the protective cover should be covered, and the cleaning and lubrication maintenance work should be done well.

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