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5 Ton Gantry Crane Installed and Used In UAE

This 5 ton gantry crane installed and used in UAE is our AQ-MG type double girder gantry crane without cantilever. The gantry crane is used in our customer’s warehouse for moving heavy loads from one place to another as required.

5ton double girder gantry crane UAE
5ton double girder gantry crane UAE

Features of Aicrane Gantry Crane

The double girder gantry crane works reliably and efficiently and our customer is very satisfied with our crane quality. Aicrane gantry crane for sale in UAE has the following features:

Reasonable design

Good work performance

Easy installation and operation

Long sevice life

Wide applications

High site utilization

Gantry Crane Price in UAE

The crane price is affected by many factors, including crane types, crane configurations, raw materias price, shipping fee and so on. Aicrane gantry cane price in UAE is very reasonable and competitive because we have factory and we can offer factory price. You can click the video below to know our factory.

Now, we have many cutomers in UAE market who have bought our crane products with very competitive price, and some of them are willing to be our agent to expand their business. If you are interested in knowing our crane price details, you can just send us email and communicate with us.

Our After-sales Service

We always stick to Customer First and provide timely and excellent service for our clients. For the crane installation, we provide both online and on-site installation guidance as clients require to make sure the smooth and safe installation.

We also provide free online guidance of operation. commisioning and mainteance to ensure the reliable use of the crane. Our clients are very satisfied with our service and trust us and some of them have cooperated with us more than once.

after-sales team
after-sales team

Choose A Reliable Crane Supplier for Suitable Solution

If you are interested in knowing more about crane products and would like to select a suitable crane for your business, just contact us without hesitation, and we are striving to be a reliable and reputable crane supplier in UAE in order to serve our clients better there.

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