20 ton Hoist Overhead Crane Installed in Uzbekistan

As an experienced and reputable crane manufacturer and supplier, our overhead cranes have been exported to many countries and regions for our customers. We design and manufacture different kinds of overhead cranes to suit various requirements and we also customize cranes for special uses.

20ton overhead crane
20ton Double Girder Hoist Overhead Crane

Recently, one set of 20ton European standard double girder hoist overhead crane has been arrived and installed in Uzbekistan for one of our customers. The crane has very reasonable design, high quality, excellent work performance and long-term service life. Now the commissioning has been completed and the crane works reliably for materials handling, and our customers are very satisfied with our crane products.

If you are looking for a suitable crane solution now, either single girder crane or double girder crane, please feel free to contact us and tell us your requirements on the crane and we will offer you right and quality overhead cranes to meet all your work needs.

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