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12 ton Hydraulic Winch for Sale Philippines

As a professional winch manufacturer and supplier, we have exported many winches to various countries and our winch products have been highly recognized by our customers. Recently, one of our customers sent us feeback of our 12 ton hydraulic winch for sale Philippines, our customer said the winch works reliably and safely now and greatly improves the work efficiency.

12 ton hydraulic winch Philippines
12 ton hydraulic winch Philippines

winch for sale Philippines
winch for sale Philippines

The hydraulic winch Philippines has been purchased to be used as positioning winch and equipped with hydraulic power pack and wire rope spooling device. The 12ton hydraulic winch is used on the boat in the port of Manila. We sent professional engineers to the work site for installation guidance to ensure the quick and safe installation of the winch.

Aicrane winch installation in Philippines
Aicrane winch installation in Philippines

Our winch price Philippines is very reasonable and competitive since we have brance office there in order to serve the local customers better. Except for hydraulic winch, we also have electric winch Philippines to meet different requirements. If you are interested in our winch, please feel free to contact us now for reliable and suitable winch solutions to suit all your work needs.

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