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100 Ton Travel Lift For Sale

100 Ton Travel Lift For Sale
Reliable 100 Ton Travel Lift For Sale

100 ton travel lift for sale has large loading capacity, high safety, easy operation and flexible move. It is is widely used in water games, clubs, navigation, shipping learning places. Marine travel lift can carry vessels or yachts of different tonnage (25-1200 tons) from the shore tank for the maintenance, repair or launching new vessels on the shore.


  • Lifting Capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting Speed : 0-3m/min
  • Travelling Speed : 0-40m/min
  • Provide Custom Option

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Our company, a professional travel lift supplier in China, puts the customer and quality on the first place, provides customized mobile boat hoist crane for sale. With top quality, stable performance, reasonable price, our travel lifts absorb customers all over the world. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countires and regions, such as the US, the UK, Canada, Korea. If you want to purchase a cost-effective travel lift, just send inquiry to .

Convenience of 100 ton travel lift for sale

It can realize 12 walking functions such as straight line, oblique line, transverse line, in situ turning and ackman turning, meeting the requirements of different working conditions and having the climbing ability of 4%;

Travel lift trakes advantages of full hydraulic drive, with its own diesel generator to provide power, good liquidity;

The crane adopts the main end beam hinged to eliminate the stress caused by uneven road surface during walking;

The lifting mechanism adopts load-sensitive hydraulic system, and the distance between lifting points can be adjusted to keep multiple lifting points simultaneously lifting and output power according to the load, so as to reduce the energy consumption of the whole machine.

marine travel lift for sale
Aicrane Marine Travel Lift

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Main technical features of marine travel lift

1.Boat lift crane mainly includes the main structure, line of wheelset, hoisting mechanism and steering mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical control system components. The main structure has form “匚” shape structure, it can carry the boat that has higher height than travel lift itself.

2.Both lifting and running system adopt electro-hydraulic transmission system. The hydraulic transmission has the advantages of smooth movement, quick reaction, small inertia, high speed starting, braking and reversing. Small size, light weight, compact structure! Simple operation, convenient, easy to automate! It can realize stepless speed regulation conveniently in operation. It is easy to realize overload protection. The pressure components realize the advantages of standardization, serialization and universalization, and are easy to design, manufacture and use.

3.The lifting mechanism adopts multi-point lifting, which can effectively disperse the force acting on the hull. The distance between lifting points can be adjusted to meet the needs of different hulls.

4.It uses soft and strong lifting belt to evenly pull on the hull surface of a ship, wooden yacht or boat without causing any damage to its surface.

5.It can quickly arrange the boats together. The distance between the hull can be very small to save storage space.

100 Ton Travel Lift Drawings
100 Ton Travel Lift Drawings

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Safety measures of heavy duty travel lift

Operate the crane strictly according to pertinent regulations.

Operating drivers must undergo pre-service safety training, pass the examination, be in good health and be on duty with a certificate.

Take inspection, maintenance and commissioning of travel lift before use.

Check for defects or damages in structures or parts that affect safety, such as brakes or safety devices.

The sling should be firm and the lifting tools should be checked once for each ship.

Lifting operation has clear division of labor, unified command and clear signal. Full-time operators and full-time safety inspectors should be set up. Drivers should obey the command.

When lifting or landing a boat, travel lift must be uniform and steady to prevent the center of gravity from tilting.

To get a reliable marine travel lift, never hesitate to contatct with us! We have sincere service, professional skills and strong team! We can provide more than what you want!

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